Paste tile adhesive

| Anti-acid Adhesive | Waterproof Nano Solution | Pomex
Tile Filling powder
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| Anti-acid Adhesive | Waterproof Nano Solution | Pomex
Limofix Tile adhesive The ready-to-use tile is easy to apply, the flexural strength of the hardened paste is a tile paste paste so that it tolerates any complications on concrete surfaces, plaster, etc.
The paste paste is made on the basis of vinyl polymer and micronized powders for applying tiles and stones on the floor and walls of Iranian standards.


Tile surfaces, concrete surfaces, plasterboard and wooden panels, Iranite.

Technical Specifications

Appearance: white paste
Consumption: 2.5 kilograms per square meter
Standard: ISO 9001: 2008
Conditions and duration of storage: In the package, open the initial and unopened, away from cold and heat for 6 months
Packing: 5, 12, 5 and 25 kg